3D Signals

3DSignals offers a unique sound-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.


The 3DSignals solution generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform for various types of rotating industrial equipment such as: turbines, pumps, motors, bearings, gearboxes and identifies anomalies, classifies patterns of equipment failure and predicts issues before they interrupt production.



In 2017, 3DSignals entered into a business relationship with SAMSON AG, German corporation with 50 subsidiaries and 100 engineering and service centers worldwide .

3DSignals named a Cool Vendor in the April 2018 Cool Vendors in Acoustic Technologies for Predictive Maintenance

The  corporation develops measurement and control technologies and produces regulators, control valves, and electro-pneumatic transducers, control valves for HVAC systems – controllers and sensors for HVAC systems. The range of products in these areas ranges from chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power, HVAC and food and beverage industries.



For more information on 3DSignals please visit: www.3dsig.com