At the very earliest stage Kando can analyse  water contamination.


Kando analyses the exact composition of the taint with granular precision, at the very earliest stage of water contamination to aid in detecting the source of the toxicity.


KANDO develops an end-to-end wastewater monitoring solutions for smart cities. Kando’s solution allow water utilities and industrial customers, for the first time, the ability to detect, track and prevent pollution events in their systems in real-time.

Monitoring & Sampling

Analysis & Data



KANDO’s solution empowers wastewater utilities to identify upstream pollution events in real time, take action to minimize pollution, charge polluters and maintain an audit trail for each event.


KANDO’s game-changing IoT solution is offered as a cloud based SaaS solution that is comprised of monitoring sensors, wireless communication, software and big data analytical tools.


The innovative, proprietary data analytics tools enable customers to track and anticipate pollution events and to react in real time. KANDO’s solution is already in use in Australia, Spain and the UK. The company is currently entering the German market.



For more information on KANDO please visit: www.kando.co.il