Don’t waste time on hundreds of false alarms.


Instead of hundreds of anomalies a day, we produce a few actionable alerts a week.


Precognize, a software developed by Visual Process Ltd., is a predictive maintenance software for the process industry. Precognize predicts and detects failures, helps avoiding casualties, prevents costly shutdowns, and bad reputation.


It relies on sensor data collected from the entire plant, to trigger only a few true, early and actionable alerts. It turns the human knowledge of the plant into a behavioural graph and uses it together with machine learning.

Precognize has recently been appointed a world-class technological pioneer by the World Economic Forum

In July 2018, DIVEdigital initiated the acquisition of Precognize (Visual Process Ltd.) by its German client SAMSON AG. The German corporation with 50 subsidiaries and 100 engineering and service centres worldwide, develops measurement and control technologies.




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